Midwifery Model Preconception Care Course | 2

Module 2: Preconception Care | taught by Kristin Kali, LM CPM

Course description

The Preconception Care Module consists of carefully selected learning materials to guide you in providing the highest quality, midwifery model preconception care. This self-guided course includes current research and professional guidelines, as well as a 2 hour webinar that describes how the reproductive system functions within the context of overall health and daily lifestyle habits. A video describing the Cultural Humility approach will support your work with clients across various backgrounds. Course assignments are designed to bring together full synthesis of the information. You will create a practice guideline for preconception care, provide client education regarding lab tests, and deepen your knowledge about two emerging issues relevant to preconception care: Zika virus and hypovitaminosis D. A one-on-one teaching session with the instructor, Kristin Kali LM CPM, will provide feedback on your completed assignments and give you an opportunity to ask questions about the topics presented in the module.

Kristin Kali, LM CPM
Kristin Kali, LM CPM
Instructor, Owner of MAIA Midwifery and Fertility Services
Kristin Kali, LM CPM is a midwife, teacher, writer, speaker, trainer and consultant specializing in LGBTQ family building and gender inclusivity. She is a warm and engaging presence, delivering professionalism and expertise with a down-to-earth, personable style.
Kristin is an authoritative resource on LGBTQ healthcare during conception and pregnancy, functional approaches to fertility, and midwifery model preconception care. Colleagues and clientele alike remark on Kristin’s special talent for breaking down complex topics into an easily understandable form.
Kristin has presented to national and international audiences such as the Midwives Alliance of North America, Canadian Association of Midwives, and Lamaze International. She has provided organizational training and consulting for the Association of Ontario Midwives and Bastyr University, and she has given numerous lectures at universities, conferences and local community groups.
Kristin is the owner of MAIA Midwifery and Fertility Services, internationally renowned for LGBTQ family building expertise and midwifery model preconception care. In addition to providing preconception care via telemedicine to families across the globe, Kristin provides midwifery care, home insemination, classes and support groups in her home city of Seattle, WA, as well as teaching in her home-away-from-home, the San Francisco Bay Area. You can read more about MAIA's services, download webinars, and access fertility-related products at www.maiamidwifery.com.

Submit your course assignments to the instructor by email to: kristin@maiamidwifery.com

Course Curriculum

CMV (Cytomegalovirus)
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